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Shaner & Co. is a design practice founded by Evan Shaner in Los Angeles, California working across the private and public sectors, with a diverse portfolio that includes cultural, residential, retail, and civic projects.

Our clients are our true collaborators – they are our partners with whom we ideate, develop, and realize a shared vision. Throughout the entirety of the design and building process we exercise transparency of design decisions and intent, and establish clear lines of communication with respectful access to one another. Please feel free to check out our approach, process, and services.

We have a meticulous eye for process and believe deeply in collaboration as fundamental for a successful project delivery. As a result, we work efficiently and with precision. Our approach and process, along with the target goals and deliverables, are highlighted below:

At the beginning of every project we begin with a Pre-Design and often times Conceptual Design process where we work with the client and other stakeholders to define the parameters of our engagement such as project goals, requirements, and budget. Together we clearly outline program requirements, priotized interests, site information, and begin to discuss a conceptual direction for the project. We feel strongly that the success of project delivery is deeply influenced by  this early alignment on the project vision.

Key Deliverables:
• Documentation of scope requirements and objectives
• Site and/or building analysis with respect to local zoning and code, and history
• Preliminary project scheduling and budgeting
• Establish preliminary building construction and systems
• Recommendations for necessary consultants and engineers
• Project Narrative
• Preliminary discussions and sketches of project conceptual direction

Using the parameters defined in the Pre-Design and Conceptual Design phase, or those already settled by the client, we use the Schematic Design phase to begin to dial up the resolution on broad design ideas and plans. We synthesize the information gathered from the Pre-Design and Conceptual Design phase discussions and research to further develop our approach to the project, representing intention and vision through interior and exterior form, layout, and spatial organization (both 2-dimensionally and 3-dimensionally).

Key Deliverables:
• Client design presentations and updates
• Schematic Design drawing set including but not limited to plans, sections, and elevations
• Associated visualizations and renderings as appropriate project requirements
• Further development of design narrative, concept, and approach

During the Design Development phase we further advance the design elements established in Schematic Design, focusing on the design and construction details. The “nitty-gritty” of it all, as we like to say. During this phase the project really comes to life and takes a substantial step closer to reality. Here we like to finalize as much as possible the project design. We continue to coordinate project teams, such as mechanical and structural engineers, as well as lighting and other specialized designers.

Key Deliverables:
• Client design presentations and updates
• Design Development drawing set including but not limited to floor plans, ceiling plans, lighting controls, exterior elevations, and annotated site plan
• Visual representation of forms and spaces, highlighting project materiality
• Specifications Book for furnishings
• Materials samples and key specifications
• Continued coordination with consultants and engineers

We consider the Approvals phase a parallel and concurrent process to the Construction Documents phase. During this phase we prepare requisite project documents for submittal to relevant local authorities for planning consent. We are cognizant of bureaucratic timelines and processes and through careful strategy and coordination we can maximize efficiencies by overlaying this phase onto the Construction Documentation process.

Key Deliverables:
• Filing strategy to efficiently obtain permits
• Approved permit drawing set
• Continued coordination with expeditors and other consultants

The Construction Documents phase involves preparing the requisite drawings and specifications for a clear and complete detailing of the project design and vision for all key parties involved. We want to avoid costly change-orders and construction delays down the line.

Key Deliverables:
• Construction Documents
• Final Specification Book
• Continued coordination with consultants and engineers

During the Bidding & Negotiation phase we assist our clients in the evaluation and selection process aiming to secure the best possible bid from the invited contractors. We invite an agreed upon number of contractors or construction management companies to bid on the project, and then level the bids, a process during which we organize each of the project bids in a package that is digestible and intelligible to the client. We then help the clients further understand each bid and negotiate contracts with contractors and vendors.

Key Deliverables:
• Bidding process guidance
• Site walkthroughs and answering Requests for Information from bidders
• Bid Leveling package for clients to entirely understand each bid
• Review of contracts (including scope, payment terms, and process) between the client and general contractor or construction management company, and other relevant vendors

During Construction Administration we focus on overseeing the many parties and moving parts of the construction process to ensure the work is being executed according to plan and that the design intent is being maintained. We observe construction and stay in close contact with all key parties to keep everybody up-to-date on project status.

Key Deliverables:
• Coordinate with the general contractor before construction to make sure that they have all relevant and key information
• Responsibility matrix to outline clear communication protocols
• Frequent site visits and review of construction against design documents and specifications
• Assist the client in obtaining and reviewing change-orders (contractor claims for additional costs) and requests for schedule extensions


Evan Shaner
Creative Director, Founder
Assoc. AIA

Evan was born and raised in Los Angeles. He received his Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and his Master of Architecture from the highly competitive and avant-garde Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). He worked for prestigious international firms such as UNStudio in Amsterdam and MAD Architects in Los Angeles before founding his own practice.

Evan has had the privilege of living in multiple countries and traveling to many more, and has cultivated a sense of city and building design that aims to be transnational and transcultural. This sensibility is at the core of the design methodology used at Shaner & Co.

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