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Contemporary Art Museum
Austin TX, USA

Concept Design: Shaner & Co.
Area: 52,000ft²

A contemporary art museum outside of Austin, Texas for private collections and donated works. A design that draws inspiration from the form and materiality of its housed works, deploying a fluid and sculptural logic that partitions spaces, facilitates visitor way-finding, and curates natural light for exhibition and circulation spaces where required.

The interior volume that organizes the museum galleries is protected by a glass-panelized facade, creating a membrane which echoes the centrifugal force that seems to be acting on the project as a whole.

An architecture that uses solar-control glass to allow for a bright interior environment while still remaining stable in temperature and more easily thermoregulated. Glass panels are standardized into a limited number of sizes and mullions are structural. The interior wooden form deploys a space-frame system that allows for a lightweight yet robust structure that can accommodate the acrobatics necessary for the sculptural endeavor.