Shaner & Co.

is a co-creative design practice
for buildings, spaces, and objects.

EST. 2023
Los Angeles CA, USA

Projects Unique to Place.

Shaner & Co. is based in Los Angeles, USA working across the private and public sectors, with a diverse portfolio that includes cultural, residential, retail, and civic projects.

In collaboration with clients, we reconcile ambition with social and physical context to design buildings, spaces, and objects that are both characterized by and cultivate simplicity, beauty, and the atmosphere of place.

Collaboration, Communication, and Transparency.

We strive to work with the curious and the ambitious, and to create buildings, spaces, and objects that prove to be necessary and iconic, that maintain design intent from ideation to realization, and that are at the forefront of design and construction techniques, sustainable practices, human-centric design standards, and market requirements and projections.

Our clients are our true collaborators – they are our partners with whom we ideate, develop, and realize a shared vision. Throughout the entirety of the design and building process we exercise transparency of design decisions and intent, and establish clear lines of communication with respectful access to one another.

Discover our Approach.

Explore our projects for a better idea of our approach to the built environment. Or read more about us and our offered services to see how we can help you realize your next project. For new projects, general, and recruitment inquiries, or to schedule a design consultation, we encourage you to reach out to .

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Evan Shaner
Creative Director, Shaner & Co.

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