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Kindergarten & Day-Care Center
Geneva, Switzerland

Concept Design: Shaner & Co.
Area: 12,000ft²

A playful and contemporary kindergarten and day-care center on the outskirts of Geneva for children ages three to six. A building that strikes a balance between calmness and stimulus, fostering an environment in which the developing mind is invited to play, to think, to solve, and to rest; foundational qualities for a participating member of a community.

A design that deploys a warm material palette that is tactile, engaging, and safe. The cushioning on the interior is not only forgiving to an excited and active child, but provides sound insulation between separate spaces.

An architecture that is primarily timber construction to accommodate for the fluctuation in temperature of a Swiss climate. The main materials include exterior GFRC panels, local spruce and ash wood both unfinished and painted, polished plaster, and cotton and polyester cushioning.